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I always had the desire to create an engaging, impactful and well-designed app with a User Interface library.

What is MyRun?

MyRun is a running app that tracks your runs and your progress but also allows you to connect and associate with other people in your area who are sharing the same passion. You can record your routes with all stats and share them online giving ideas for new routes in the area or even inviting other users to event runs.


After speaking with various runners, my research concluded on two main issues to make ‘My Run’’ Stand out against other running apps.

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First Main Issue
When people first begin running they face some common concerns and many times these are enough to hold them back.
The most common thoughts are: ‘Where do I go? How long should my run be? How do I calculate the distance including my return back to where I started? How busy will the path be with pedestrians?’
… And if it’s night time or off-road – ‘Will there be enough street lights in the area? Is the terrain going to be harder than I thought?’
Up to now, these questions can only be answered by taking the risk and learning the hard way. But it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.
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People are happier when they experience social connections, and running with others helps build genuine friendships.

MyRun app Maps screen
First Main Solution
With MyRun users can create and share their favourite routes into the Maps collections.
They can include stats of the route as: distance, estimate time, level of difficulty and also potential warnings such as “Great day route but without any light at night, I would avoid after sunset ”. Other registered users will be able to rate and comment on the Maps.
It is surprisingly common how many people from the same location could end up running to a completely different area once they found a safe and well-rounded route they tend to stick to that and avoid the risk of looking for a new one.
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Most of my best friends are runners, so the running community is like family for me.


Second Main Issue
Will I be safe?
A common worry for beginners but also for experienced runners is how safe is the route that they will take. Except for the physical difficulties that we mentioned, there are also the considerations of abuse, ridicule and harassment of what runners are experiencing.
Based on a study of May 2021 published from, 60% of women surveyed have been harassed while running. The effect of that astonishing number is devastating.
11% Stopped running for a while.
15% Wear more or baggier clothing.
37% Limit runs to daylight hours.
39% Changed route.
Even though the numbers are not as high as for women, many men have also experienced horrifying moments while running. More common are thefts and violent threads especially in city areas and specifically in parks after sunset.
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When runners run with others, they have meaningful conversations and endure challenging workouts. Even in bad weather, running with company typically makes a run more enjoyable and strengthens the bond between group members.

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Second Main Solution
The second main solution is the Maps collection that MyRun offers such as warnings from other runners of specific times or places to be aware of. As this can be unpredictable the only solution one has found is not to run alone.
This applies especially in the winter months as most runners exercise after work at night time.
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